ECHO makes learning a journey, not an event. Individualized Reinforcement learning improve efficacy.

ECHO - a mobile learning reinforcement app designed to improve retention

Snabbfoting is the Nordic reseller of ECHO and partner of SwissVBS, a full-service provider of digital learning design and production.


Meet ECHO. Overcome the Forgetting Curve.

Grounded in science, designed for the modern learner and powered by analytics.

Maximize your training returns with ECHO

Think about it. How does your training look today? What happens after training ends?

Meet ECHO, a mobile learning reinforcement app, designed to improve retention, strengthen learning, and maximize your return on investment.

With reinforced, adaptive learning, you can overcome the forgetting curve. As much as 90% of what we learn is forgotten within a week (the so-called Ebbinhaus curve). We design unique learning reinforcement plans for your needs, secure competencies, and fill your knowledge gaps effectively. Avoid expensive repetition and re-learning with ECHO.



We are happy to introduce ECHO

Millions are spent every year on training that doesn’t bridge the learning and performance gap.

Organizations are spending large amounts of money on training. However, only a fraction of that investment results in real improvement and measurable results. Here’s where Snabbfoting can help!

Regardless of topic, size or business, we can help you build the training solutions you need to empower your organization.

We’re happy to tell you about large corporations that have successfully improved the retention and the return from their learning investment.




How good are we at supporting learners when it matters most? Learn about why “the Moment of Need” is so important. This SwissVBS Guide include practical strategies for making sure your L&D strategy not only caters to learning needs, but performance needs as well. Download ›


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GE Water ILT Case

GE Waters Challenge: “How can they ensure their people still know what they need to know beyond the classroom?”

As a learning and development leader, knowing that without proper reinforcement practices up to 90% of what is learned can be lost within a week, how do you justify large investments into learning events? Get in touch with us to discuss more! Download ›

Overcome the Forgetting Curve

Avoid expensive relearning. Save time, money and increase learning retention.

Real-time analysis of your progress

Invididual learning journeys with reinforced learning and relevant materials for the learner save you time and money. In addition, ECHO provides you with detailed, actionable and data on your learners’ progress.

The powerful analytics enable you to evaluate the progress of your team, and provide the right support and feedback, at the right time.



Möt ECHO & Reinforcment learning!


Snabbfoting Group AB is the Nordic reseller of ECHO since 2018, as well as a partner of SwissVBS AG, a full-service company in digital learning design and production. SwissVBS AG was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the university of St. Gallen, Switzerland. They have received multiple awards for their content productions, their learning app ECHO with reinforcement learning and microlearning, as well as their training solutions. SwissVBS have created solutions for several of the worlds largest organisations, including Allianz, Colgate, Continental, Deutsche Bank, GE, Nestle, Novartis and Schindler, and they’ve trained over 2 million users all over the world. SwissVBS are based in Toronto, München and St. Gallen, and Snabbfoting are working with their top-notch team with learning designers, architects and media experts.



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