How you can overcome the Forgetting Curve with reinforcement learning

Organizations spend countless resources on formal training, investing in traditional learning methods, designed to enhance performance. But what happens after training is over? The research says that over 70% of what we learn is forgotten withing 24 hours. Within a week, that drops down to 90%. In an increasingly complex digital world, with so much […]

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How to make use your learning metrics

Swedish version ›› An increasing number of organizations are using digital learning platforms to support their learning culture. The global trend involves using integrated artificial intelligence to help optimize the user’s experience and reduce cost for the organisation. Whenever users access courses on learning platforms, a large amount of valuable data is generated at every […]

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Veronica Lundberg, CMO

We welcome Veronica Lundberg to the team

Veronica Lundberg, new Chief Marketing Officer at Snabbfoting Group AB, joined our team during the Corona crisis and has now worked with us for a month. Veronica is a doer who likes change and talks passionately about communication based on digital analysis. She is renovating at home and is building her own summer cottage with […]

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