Learning is not a one time event but a constant process!

In a world full of meeting targets, constant change and not enough time, learning often falls by the wayside. Learning has never been so important yet so little time spent on it.

So how is this managed? How do we equip our workforce with the skills and the knowledge they need while still meeting all other obligations? How do we cater to the different needs of our learners?


The recent Edtech Sweden conference at Stockholmsmässan in October explored these questions with a focus on adult learning and skills development in particular with the use of educational technology, edtech.


A focus at one of the seminars was the importance of strong learning techniques, in particular spaced repetition and its effect on learning new information. Studies show that the more learning is repeated the higher likelihood that the information will be retained and stored in the long term memory.


When information is presented in one big chunk the learner is less likely to retain it. However, presenting it in small chunks, microlearning, will aid with remembering what’s been learnt. Have you heard about the Forgetting Curve? Snabbfoting Group has solutions to strenghten performance and maximize learning ROI, and overcome the forgetting curve.


Combining microlearning with mobile edtech results in an efficient, effective way of catering to your learners needs. Learning tools such as blogs, videos, quizzes and articles can be used and available at their fingertips all the while keeping what they have learnt at the top of their memory through repetition and when it suits them.


Microlearning overall has benefits for both the employer and its employees as learners.

How can we help you with digital learning solutions? Connect with our edtech advisors! We improve efficacy and save you time.

Gabriela Hernandez



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